General tips for customizing Pleroma FE

There are some configuration scripts for Pleroma BE and FE:

  1. config/prod.secret.exs
  2. config/config.exs
  3. priv/static/static/config.json

The prod.secret.exs affects first. config.exs is for fallback or default. config.json is for GNU-social-BE-Pleroma-FE instances.

Usually all you have to do is:

  1. Copy the section in the config/config.exs which you want to activate.
  2. Paste into config/prod.secret.exs.
  3. Edit config/prod.secret.exs.
  4. Restart the Pleroma daemon.

prod.secret.exs is for the MIX_ENV=prod environment. dev.secret.exs is for the MIX_ENV=dev environment respectively.