Static Directory

Static frontend files are shipped in priv/static/ and tracked by version control in this repository. If you want to overwrite or update these without the possibility of merge conflicts, you can write your custom versions to instance/static/.

config :pleroma, :instance,
  static_dir: "instance/static/",

For example, edit instance/static/instance/panel.html .

Alternatively, you can overwrite this value in your configuration to use a different static instance directory.

This document is written assuming instance/static/.

Or, if you want to manage your custom file in git repository, basically remove the instance/ entry from .gitignore.


By default, the robots.txt that ships in priv/static/ is permissive. It allows well-behaved search engines to index all of your instance's URIs.

If you want to generate a restrictive robots.txt, you can run the following mix task. The generated robots.txt will be written in your instance static directory.

mix pleroma.robots_txt disallow_all


Put on instance/static/instance/thumbnail.jpeg with your selfie or other neat picture. It will appear in Pleroma Instances.

Instance-specific panel

instance-specific panel demo

Create and Edit your file on instance/static/instance/panel.html.


You can change the background of your Pleroma instance by uploading it to instance/static/, and then changing background in config/prod.secret.exs accordingly.

If you put instance/static/images/background.jpg

config :pleroma, :frontend_configurations,
  pleroma_fe: %{
    background: "/images/background.jpg"

logo modification demo

If you want to give a brand to your instance, You can change the logo of your instance by uploading it to instance/static/.

Alternatively, you can specify the path with config. If you put instance/static/static/mylogo-file.png

config :pleroma, :frontend_configurations,
  pleroma_fe: %{
   logo: "/static/mylogo-file.png"

Terms of Service

Terms of Service will be shown to all users on the registration page. It's the best place where to write down the rules for your instance. You can modify the rules by changing instance/static/static/terms-of-service.html.